Welcome to decoeyes.com and our revised site.  Changes have been made to facilitate a safe and secure purchases directly on the web-site:

Payment:  payment is by credit card only through Paypal. I have no special attachments to Paypal but they are proven safe and secure, honor all major credit cards, and provide accounting services in regard to receipts, proper third party documentation, and confirmed shipping addresses.  There are no charges to the buyer. 

Shipping:  is free to the contiguous 48 states by insured Ground UPS.  This shipping method in conjunction with Paypal simplifies my duties and saves significant time.  Addresses are accurately specified and their tracking system is unmatched by other carriers.  

I request that international customers please not use the "buy-it-now" button but instead contact us first and a Paypal invoice will be sent.  We will offer a shipping discount but must add the cost of insured International Priority shipping. Thank you for honoring our payment and shipping policy.























DecoEyes consists of a man, his wife, and their son. My wife (Susie) and myself (a true "mom & pops" business) are the labor force involved with the actual production. Every step of production from molding the original model to casting, finishing, and detail painting is accomplished right here by us. Our son is responsible for the web-site and keeping our internet communications available.

It does, however, mean that production on our models is very limited. Our models are not mass-produced, and each one is meticulously created to the highest standards possible.  Short-cuts to save labor and/or material costs are not utilized; the resulting display models are the finest available.

We're blushing (and it's not air-brushed on!) over the great feedback all of our wonderful friends at eBay have left for us. We greatly appreciate all the kind words. Click here to view our feedback.


Our primary objective is to create precise replicas of the 1920's through 1950's display heads. Our materials and techniques have improved over the years that enable us to offer the original retro look in a very durable and ultra-modern material.
They are a part of our family and we feel they deserve to be shared with the rest of the world.

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